I like to take my character, Miss Bunny, to different places in the realms of imagination, walking alone, drifting away, not sure to where. A kind of entry to an inner place, a concept I've been working on lately.
While wandering through the wonderful AI groups on FB I came across an image of a woman walking down a vintage corridor, very conducive to the type of composition I was looking for. Unfortunately, I didn't save the creator's name, but I did save the pic.
I uploaded it to MidJourney with img2img and added another picture of one of my works to keep my own style. I added a short prompt and started the long remixing process. 
I asked for butterflies to follow Miss Bunny, then I wanted cotton clouds to enter the hallway, after I had an idea to flood the floor, which led me to decide that I change the butterflies to fish, beautiful Chinese koi fish. An artistic creation process.
MJ was not convinced, she had a hard time replacing the butterflies with fish, maybe she was tired of my changes. Suddenly the universe sent me @Mei Tal Blick's post with two stunning koi fish she created with MJ. perfect! Without hesitation I saved the image and immediately inserted it into the prompt with excitement.
Without hesitation I saved the image and immediately inserted it into the prompt with excitement. Of course, it took me several rounds to reach the point of happiness I'm looking for. The fish helped a lot. V 4 understands pictures perfectly.
That day I flew to Singapore, in the evening I was walking in the fancy mall staring at the festive shops windows, and suddenly what did I sow? Two giant orange fishes are decorating Bottega Veneta’s window, obviously I took a picture and later incorporated it into the prompt..
Will I be charged with theft? And if so, is it bad? After all, this is how our knowledge and abilities as one big human being keep growing, this is how humanity develops.
Without the possibility to mix images with endless sources, artists, photographers, creators, there was no artificial intelligence. Without prompt creators all this genius would not happen and develop.
After all, there is no painter who was not influenced by his predecessors. Even the pioneers could not break it without belonging to the artistic axis that was before them.

Maybe humanity is moving from the stage of toddlers that does not want to share anything with anyone, that shouts mine mine, to a more mature stage that understands that we are not in competition, but partners. And nothing is really ours anyway.

And now for the giveaway part, anyone who wants to use my works for a screen saver or a cover image is welcome.

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