Who is the Queen of heaven?
Who is the goddess mentioned twice in the Bible as the "Queen of Heaven" and why do the people of Israel worship her?
 There are several opinions:
The first is that alongside the Kingdom of God there is also the Sun, the queen of heaven.
Another version is that God created the two luminaries, the moon and the sun as the queen and king of heaven. The moon, the small light, is identified with the woman, and the sun, the big light, the man.  According to the story  the queen moon asked God: can two hold the crown? God heard her complaint and ordered her:  get yourself smaller, diminish yourself.  The meaning is women will always be smaller than men, just as the moon was and will always be smaller than the sun.
The book of Genesis has two different versions of the creation story. In the first chapter God created the human in his image as male and female.  From this it can be understood that God are male and female in an equal way (Lilith).
In the second chapter God becomes one and only and he chose to create for himself one son. But his son didn’t want to be left alone like his big father, so this time God created the woman from the rib of man to be aided against him (Eve). This time the woman is not as the image of God but was created from man.
The story of creation in the book of Genesis is the story about the victory of the monotheistic male culture over the culture in which these goddesses women were the leading and powerful. (Another interpretation attributes the Queen of Heaven to Ishtar, the big goddess who ruled Mesopotamia those days.)
The culture that claims to be progressive, the only truth and the absolute correct, actually creates a reality where one gender has the right to dominate the second gender for thousands of years, a culture that says human beings are not equal and gives legitimacy to abuse people on the basis of gender and race for thousands of generations.

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