Miss Bunny's Miracle Machine. 
Video loop. Composed of a sequence of ten images created with Midjourney V4, joined together using After Effects with additions of hand made vector illustration. 
Dimensions 1080X1080PX 
Duration 00:15
Breathe in breathe out

Breathe is the source of all.
When we do it with intention we can find the cure and the balance inside.
Mix media, Midjourney V 5.1, Adobe photoshop, After effect and Illustrator
Dimensions 1920 × 2400 PX 
Duration 0.19
The Diamond
The Diamond Miss Bunny Art Story Collaboration with https://objkt.com/@duzen Mix digitalMix of AI, digital drawing and animation By + Original music by Duzen
Dimensions 1440 × 1440 PX 
Duration 0.13
Uh oh AI science experiment went wrong !
Miss Bunny Halloween edition - AI science experiment went wrong and became a short horror movie. 25 frames connected
Dimensions 2048 × 2048 PX 
Duration 0.16
Christ Mess ~ Miss Bunny Art Story
Miss Story, My story, Her story, It's Miss Bunny Art Story. A female figure who reflects my ideas and imagination for more than one decade. Since she appeared in my life, she keeps coming back. Mix of AI, digital drawing and animation. ~ Special Christmas edition ~
Dimensions 1024 × 1024 PX 
Duration 0.04

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