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​​​​​​​Maria Antonia Josef Johanna, was the 15th daughter of the Austrian Empire, married at the age of 14 to Louis XVI in order to settle the conflict between the two countries. Suffering from the destruction of a harsh image that eventually caused her execution in front of an inflamed crowd.
Marie Antoinette, was in fact a philanthropist, who led reforms in the royal court and supported the poor of the kingdom. The franchise aristocracy was opposed these changes. They therefore blackened Marie Antoinette' s character, deleted her name as a significant and positive figure in the history of France, and made her infamous, materialistic and frivolous.

 The aristocracy in France wanted to maintain their power and control over the king, thus bringing about the overthrow of the queen, the overthrow of the entire monarchy.

It finally flipped over on them, when the aristocracy themselves lost their property and head during the period of the  French revolution
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