First time I heard about Lilith was a year ago. I saw a post that made me search and wish to understand what's going on here. I was amazed to find out about this entity, which represents the shadow. The very recognition and the knowledge of it connected me with a few points in my head.​​​​​​​
One of the  myths claim, Lilith told Adam while having sex “I refuse to lay down below you” 
But Adam insisted that he is the one who should be on top “you deserve to be under me”  
she said “we are both equal, we both came from earth” and she left the garden of eden! 

Adam cried “God, you gave me a wife who ran away from me “ and asked for another woman

In fact Lilith represents the first feminist woman. A woman who is confident in herself and her status. She did not accept the authority of Adam, on the other hand he did not agree to equality so she voluntarily left the Garden of Eden and moved to the dark side. She became a demon and connected with Ashmedai and had demonic babies with him.

In the old time people believed that she was responsible for all the crib deaths of infants who died when they were several days old. To protect the babies it was customary to put on them a mascot of guardian angels until the circumcision of the boys. It's nice to call her the black lily, the whore, the evil, all the darkness is attributed to her.

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Alice Pleasance Liddell

Black Moon Lilith, The dark side of the moon

Lilith in astrology is not a figure of a woman or a man, but represents the farthest point from the moon on its orbit at the time of birth as part of the astrological chart.
The Lilith black moon represents the dark side within us, the deep shadows which are too shaded to see them.
For me, the recognition of the existence of the shadow, the ability to see it through the darkness and the possibility to know it and by that actually to stop being afraid of it, has a healing value and contains all the meaning of our existence, where the key and possibility to ascend a developmental stage.
Day 35 Final amination
SUN 20 MAR 2022
SAT 19 MAR 2022
day 34 lilith animation
FRI 18 MAR 2022ç
Day 33 ANIMATED wings
THU 17 MAR 2022
DAY 32 motion background
WED 16 MAR 2022
Day 31 Lilith the demon
TUS 15 MAR 2022
Day 30 Galaxy
MON 14 MAR 2022
made from an image of the moon 
Day 29 OWL
SUN 13 MAR 2022
Day 28 lILTH
SAT 12 MAR 2022

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