She was created for Adam,  from her man. not as Lilith who was created from earth, just like he was, therefore demanded equality.

By the orthodox Jewish culture, the inferiority of the woman compared to the man allows for a good relationship.

 The man gave up part of his body for the sake of the woman and the woman herself is created as lacking compared to the man.

Eve, a strong and attractive woman, her status as the submissive and controlled woman came only after she sinned.

Eve, as the first woman is actually an archetype, understanding her story is key to understanding the perception of women status and the relationship between man and woman in the culture in which I grew up too.
Eve is a complete antithesis to Lilith, she is the obedient and submissive woman. In fact she is not quite like that, after all she is the one who controls  Adam.  But despite her inferiority the woman has the capacity to create souls. The process she goes through, emptying and submitting is similar to the divine process of creation.

Eve represents femininity in the patriarchal world, the beautiful, smart and seductive woman who agrees to make herself smaller, to hide herself, not to be "too much" for the man and society to be considered a "good woman".

Talking about Eve makes me think of the patterns that have been ingrained in us for thousands of generations without really examining what is behind it.  The image of Eve is the root of my project that puts a spotlight on the female image in our culture.
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