Behind every successful myth stands a woman who had to paid the price
 I choose familiar female figures that I'm curious about and start reading and researching about them, learning from the  elements, the attributes  and spirit that characterize each one of them. Then draw them according to the  thought, feelings and emotion that arises in me. My inspiration comes from all sorts of directions: my daily life,  searching and researching on the net,  sketches or drawings I have drawn in the past, taking, processing, modifying and adapting.

Each time I choose a female character who intrigues me and discovers the story behind her, over the days different product sequences accumulate, a kind of small collection around, each character is a project.

At first I chose the Queen of France Marie Antoinette and discovered the famous quote attributed to her is actually part of the defamation of what was done by the aristocrats in France to defend themselves against the rebels in the French Revolution.
Then I moved on to  Medusa from Greek mythology, and discovered that she was not a monster at all, but a young girl who was raped and punished for it.
After Alice in Wonderland and here I found out that behind the magic, a lot of rumors spread about the real Alice behind the story that kind of ruined her life.
I was intrigued to examine the character of Lilith, the first woman from the creation story from Jewish mythology, and when I began to touch there, I discovered an ancient female archetype belonging to the tradition from which I come. I decided to go deeper and moved on to Eve, the mom of all, after I was still curious and searched about the Queen of Heaven and discovered an ancient and deep culture, a culture of goddesses. Each of these characters represents a different type of woman.
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