After graduating “Avni Art Institute - Tel Aviv” I had a strong desire to be part of the technological world (days of dot com). In 2000 I enrolled to web design program that exposed me to digital art and design and fell in love. Vector art, creating animations, typography, all the graphic software and even writing codes, CSS and HTML.

Since then I have gained a lot of experience in the worlds of graphic design and digital marketing. In the past, I worked as a graphic designer for the leading advertising firms, TV studios and business clients.

2015 I decided to change my lifestyle, take advantage of the possibilities of the new world, become a digital nomad and return to live in the East. Since then I have been living in Thailand on Phangan Island.

As part of the mental and spiritual process I went through, I decided that these were invitations to be more precise to myself, and give a bigger present to my art. Over the years I have created a lot of non-commercial art, but I have not exposed it at all. This time I chose to  make a change.

At the beginning of 2021 I was exposed to the  world of web3. I discovered a fascinating combination of digital art, technology and community, and I felt that everything I went through in my life comes to this point at the right moment, all the skills I have acquired can connect to a powerful and special tool.

Since then I have done more art than ever. I talked to lots of new people around the world about art and technology. I have created a fascinating NFT game project for a Maltese gaming company (they didn’t release it yet).
I won an art competition for Deep DAO.
Every day opens me up more and more, learning, discovering and curious to find out what else will happen.

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